Back Be Nimble

Chair Box (Animated) 125 x 125I didn't know that there was so many products out, design for just for my tired back. These are back pain relief products that have been doctor-tested and include: memory foam mattresses, adjustable beds, ergonomic seating from Bodybilt Chairs, massage recliners and 1000 other therapeutic products that relieve neck pain, reduce stress and provide postural support for the spine and human frame.

This equipment is not made just to look pretty but made and sold by a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Brad Lustick who was severely injured in an automobile accident. His injuries resulted in an inability to continue active practice - but strengthened his commitment to help others deal with and overcome chronic back and other body pain. So, in 1994, Brad, in partnership with his wife, Rose, opened Back Be Nimble to share knowledge of the back and body with the public by selling products for self-care. Brad, Rose and the entire Back Be Nimble staff enjoy helping people by providing them with the specific items needed to improve their comfort. Other than the obvious acute phase of an injury, most of us suffer painful conditions due to persistent stress or improper practice of our daily routines.

Their goal is to increase awareness of proper lifestyle execution and to review, test, select and provide products that is believed may play an important role in the resolution of painful conditions.

This site has won several national awards for being one of the most helpful and honest sites on the internet. If you have back pain or know of others with back problems, you ought to refer them to this site.

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