More luxury styles for every sister… yes we mean sizes 4 to 26. Enriching your mind, enhancing your body, uplifting your spirit.

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Ashro Hattitude 125x125


This is the greatest and most beautiful one ever, congratulations to Ashro! You are shining more than ever.

Wendy - Customer



I received my parcel today I AM OVER THE MOON EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL. Now I know my size from you I can order again I loved the MARSEILES DUSTER DRESS I am going to a wedding and I will be the belle of the ball in that. Thank you so much. As soon as I can afford to I will order again
Kind regards sandra h pickles

I just received my order, and I absolutely love it. I'll be ordering regularly form you in the future.

It's been about 3 months now that I've been ordering your clothes and after spending over $1,000 in 3 months on your clothes, I had a strong desire to write and let you know that I am glad that a company finally gets what we African American women have been looking for. I cannot tell you how disappointed and unencouraged I felt shopping here in San Antonio and could never find anything that made me feel like the woman I am until I came across Ashro. I absolutely love your clothes and enjoy the wonderful sales that you so often have. May I ask where these clothes come from? I am just so impressed with the quality. So many times I order from catalogs just to end up sending the product back because of the poor quality. I have only sent back a few pieces because of the size, other then that, I have loved everything and I have a husband who enjoys me wearing your clothes and even helps me shop over the internet. Keep up the wonderful job making clothes for us beautiful black women and I will keep up the wonderful job ordering monthly.

My name is Melissa I live in the UK I am astounded by the range, the color the variety and the decency of these outfit these wonderful designs...I cant just call them clothes because these works of art art in a league of their own...please please please can you give me a web site or send me a catalogue so I can order from you, I live in the UK


too awesome for words


The pictures were so gorgeous that I called my son in to see them. They are clear and large enough to see some detail. I love your catalogue page. Planning to order that Jamilla Cape in a few days.


Satisfaction with services. I just wanted to submit a comment in writing. My mother wanted a Caftan. I wasn't sure where I could get one, and I came across your catalogue. I was reluctant to order it because I was not familiar with your products, but the price was quite affordable. I put my order in the 20th of December and I rushed it because I wanted it before Christmas. I received it on the expected date of Delivery (before Christmas), and the quality of the product was nice. I did not feel I was cheated out of my money, delivery was prompt and the people I spoke with at Ashro were extremely friendly. I was satisfied, and I will be ordering again from Ashro.


I'm so glad i found this web site. that has plus size for larger woman. Keep them coming. Just try to make it more 26s and 28s and this will be my store for ever. i will tell every plus size woman i see. about this web site. dj. storm think you.


I love your cater to African styles. We starve to see our heritage reflected in fashion. How refreshing! The African American red head with the African twist is dynamite. Thanks for calling us the African American woman beautiful.


wow, wow oh wow!!!!!!!!! this is just great. i love it much better then then the paper catalog. It's simply convenient, less time consuming and oh yes and I don't need to concern myself with "where did i put my "Ashro magazine"


this is the best site i seen in a long long time the not only cater to the African American roots but all sizes as well. i am in the order of eastern stars and we are always looking for gowns and skirt suits now I have a catalog for those who don't have web access to choose gowns from for everyone size please keep the books coming we will be ordering by bulk of course. do you have specials for bulk orders?


This has been a long search for the perfect clothes and style that I adore, you are an answer to my prayers and thank God for the internet, that's where I found you.

Angel Taylor

I just received your catalog today, you must have gotten my name from a mailing list and boy I'm glad you did! Your clothes are absolutely fantastic & gorgeous! Sizes are great too! Also It's so refreshing to see all African American models. I am white woman and it's just nice to see such a different and refreshingly beautiful (and needed) catalog! I hope to purchase some of your clothing as soon as I save up! Keep up the wonderful work!

Laurie-Ann Bazinet
Lockport, NY

I am writing to commend you on your magazine layout. It is very professional, captivating, and in my opinion as far as the models and color schemes go, one of the best professional magazines which I have ever encountered. I am a white male American, and was stunned to see a magazine layout, so well done, in my opinion, of such a professional manner. Keep up the good work, as I would definitely give this company a thumbs up, and an A+ pertaining to quality, and variety. What a great staff of professionals, you must have best regards.

Pen, FL

I received your catalog along with a birthday gift ordered by my sister. I loved the beautiful caftan, the gift, and was simply blown away by the beautiful styles and selections you catalog presented. I wear plus size clothing and have searched the web diligently for quite some time, looking for beautiful, stylish fashions. Your company has made my day. I have even taken the catalog to work with me to show others what is available. I love everything in the catalog and look forward to shopping with your company for many years to come.

Shreveport, LA

Thank you so much for filling my order for two of your hats. The hats are stunning - really beautiful. I spent quite a bit of time parading in front of the mirrors in my bedroom at midnight - enjoying the privacy and admiring my "imaginary" queenly look. I am a very old lady, and debilitated to a degree, but oh how young these hats made me feel. Thank you again - so much!

College Heights Estates, MD

Thank You, Is most of what I have to say. I have been receiving your catalog for just a little while now . And to say I am so impressed the fashions are breath taking. Nothing that you would see in the stores. Not long ago I was in a car accident, I am still in recovery, But trust me dear Ashro, my day is coming real soon , and my first stop will be this great company. Please keep sending me my catalogs, you really make a difference for the plus size women it is really hard at times to find nice one of a kind type fashions for the beautiful large women. You are a God sent. Thank you again.

Newport News VA.

"Just to say thank you for being so wonderful with your style and prices. Nothing can come so fashionable and still so affordable. Thanks for looking out for the hard working woman who wants and needs to still keep on looking so beautiful."

Claudia Britton
Columbia, MD

Just a note to say it is sooooo refreshing to receive your flyer of beautiful black women in clothing that speaks to their heritage (our heritage). It lifts my heart each time it comes in the mail! Thank you.

Dolores Johnson

I'm not sure how I got on your mailing list but I was so surprised when I received my first catalog. This is what I have been missing in catalog shopping for years. What ever happened to those other companies for black women? Please don't leave me! I'm happy to have you in my home so I can shop in peace once again. Keep it coming!

Julia Renee' Dudley
Southfield, MI

Ashro Logo (Plus sizes) 120x60

I love what I see on your website. Especially since your clothing line seems to be made for the larger woman.

Victoria Missick
Brooklyn, NY

I recently found out about your company and really like what I see in your catalog. We have a gospel ensemble and have found an "Afro-Centric" outfit that will be perfect for us. Your customer service rep. was most helpful and very pleasant!

Rosezetta Frazier
Lynchburg, VA

I've bought a couple of your outfits from the Essence catalogue and love them - so happy that you're doing your own thing now. Please hurry and send your catalogue right away! Thanks and blessings...

TaRessa Stoval
Mount Laurel, NJ

Your website is ourstanding and so are the selection of clothes. Two-thumbs up!

Meoshia Smith
Bryan, TX